Hypnosis can reduce stress and anxiety and increase inner peace.

Relaxation through hypnosis can have many benefits including: reduced stress response, less anxiety, reduced anger and frustration, lower blood pressure, improved concentration and mood, improved sleep quality, improved digestion, increased self-esteem.

Boosting self-confidence


Better self-esteem

Stress management

Improving concentration

Reducing jitters

Anxiety disorders


Bad habits

Relationship problems

We now live in a world that, while supposedly more civilized, creates increased stress for individuals. A highly commercial and competitive consumer-driven society demands that people look good, achieve status through wealth and qualifications, and the latest technology and fashion accessories. As a result, there are few opportunities for individuals to satisfy their spiritual and metapersonal needs. Hypnosis is effective for anxiety-related problems.

Hypnosis gives you the tools you need to relax your body, reduce perceived stress, and take control of any situation.

From hypnosis you'll walk away energized and refreshed, ready to tackle whatever challenge life or a competitor throws your way.

Your mindset will be focused on solutions rather than emergencies.
Regardless of your profession, occupation, age or gender, hypnotherapy is a wonderful way to restore mental, emotional and physical balance to your life.

Staš Štrukelj, medical hypnosis therapist

Who is suitable for medical hypnosis treatment?

Most problems do not require a high level of hypnotizability, which means that more than 80 percent of people are perfectly suitable for medical hypnosis treatment. Only rare contraindications require a special level of caution. These include serious heart diseases, epilepsy and psychoses.

In the fast pace of life, more and more people decide to undergo treatment precisely for the purpose of stress management and self-soothing, as they thus protect themselves preventively against many diseases and disorders of today's times. No meditation, exercise or autogenic training can match the intensity and depth of the pleasant experience with the peace and energy brought by a hypnotic trance.