It is intended for individuals, couples, families and groups who are facing personal hardships and problems in interpersonal relationships, and for everyone who wants further personal growth and development.

Counseling focuses primarily on the client's present and future, and on the past only to the extent necessary to understand the problem that manifests itself in the here and now.

It does not include psychosocial counseling hypnosis and works in a trance. In psychosocial counseling, the individual investigates, raises awareness and solves his problems in various areas of life.

Psychosocial counseling can take place live, over the phone, via e-mail or online.

In this case, psychosocial counseling does not mean giving advice, but rather guidance through various questions, with which the individual learns to cope with current and future challenges.

Psychosocial counselor can help cope with:

  •  with an unavoidable situation (e.g. loss of a loved one),
  •  achieving positive change (e.g. personal growth),
  •  developing coping strategies (e.g. with stress),
  •  solving interpersonal problems (e.g. arguing with a friend)
  •  taking control of your own life.

Consulting in motion

Counseling in motion means counseling work outdoors (outdoor or walk and talk therapy), away from closed spaces, electronics and lack of air. Consulting in motion is a novelty in Slovenia, but an established method of work abroad. It has a beneficial effect on physical fitness, ability to think and relaxation. It is especially suitable for anyone who would like to combine care for their personal growth and well-being with physical activity in the fresh air, for those who are overweight and anyone who is dealing with tension or depression. Physical activity has been proven to improve mental condition.